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Save the Robert E. Howard House!

Feb. 14, 2014

Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan

Robert E. Howard aficionado Ed Chaczyk recently posted this to Facebook, which was quickly reposted on Hobert E. Howard Facebook groups:

Open up your wallets and let’s save the Howard House. I was informed that the window in REH’s room fell out of it’s frame. Also, sills are rotting on windows in his mother’s room. Project Pride is footing the bill for the repairs, but they need some donations. Put a couple of bucks in an envelope and mail it to:

Project Pride
PO Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Easier than that, however, would be to just drop some money in the Project Pride PayPal account:

Make a donation to the Project Pride Robert E. Howard Home Restoration

Project Pride maintains the Howard house as a passion project and hosts an annual “Howard Days” festival. The entire town of Crossplains, Texas is a treasure trove of REH history, where you can actually find photocopies of many of Howard’s original manuscripts in the local library, or tour the countryside where he gathered inspiration for Conan’s homeland of Cimmeria.

Most of Howard’s original Conan stories were sold to Weird Tales magazine.

I’ve visited the Howard House myself, and it was an amazing experience to sit in his room and feel the history in those walls. It’s a tiny home in a very small town, and the Project Pride has done a valiant job preserving the authenticity of every room so that you can almost imagine Robert himself walking the halls or banging away at his typewriter. Although some of the furniture and decorations are approximate replacements, many of the original family paintings and books are still preserved there from his childhood.

Conan as imagined by iconic fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta

The Howard House museum, which I feel should be considered a national treasure, feels as though it is hanging by a thread. Please take a few seconds to PayPal them some much needed cash to help preserve the memory of one of our greatest fiction writers, creator of the mightiest warrior in all of fantasy!

Official museum website:

-Stacy Davidson

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Changes Coming To Pre-Order Pricing

Jul. 13, 2013

Just wanted to let everyone know that change is imminent for Jack Houston! I am currently in talks with a distribution platform, and very soon the current Paypal backing options will change! Mainly, the lower tiers will go away and new pre-order options will take their place. I can’t go into too many details yet, but I can tell you this is your last chance to get the ENTIRE game for $15, or the ENTIRE game + soundtrack for $30 via Paypal:

Thanks, and I will be back soon with some very cool news…

-Stacy D.

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Update on all fronts

Apr. 01, 2013

Greetings space cadets!
Hope everyone had a great Easter! There’s so many things developing at once with the production of the game, I hardly know where to start! (click here to read entire update on the forums)

Not a backer yet? Get access to exclusive backer updates and the beta test by pre-ordering Jack Houston and the Necronauts here:

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Announcing The Jack Houston Store

Mar. 27, 2013

As requested by several backers, we have opened up an online store with lots of nifty new Jack Houston merchandise, and all proceeds go toward funding the creation of the game! So if you’d like to kick in a bit more to help the project in exchange for some awesome Jack Houston stuff in your mailbox right away, head on over and start clickin’!

The Official Jack Houston Store

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Greetings from Stacy Davidson!

May. 11, 2012

It’s me, Stacy Davidson! Designer Guy!

Greetings, lovers of adventure!

My name is Stacy Davidson, and I’m the founder and lead designer at Warbird Games.  I wanted to take a moment here to introduce myself before I get into what we’re up to here.

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