A professional storyteller, Davidson’s love of computer games began at the age of eight with the introduction of a TI-99/4A computer into his household. He learned Extended Basic and programmed his first game, a simple text adventured called The Quest. He later developed simple action and RPG games on his Commodore 64.

His first graphic adventure experience was Space Quest IV, which hooked him for life and instilled in him a love for the genre that would never fade. He quickly began collecting every adventure game he could get his hands on.

In his professional career, he spent a year in QA at Origin Systems/EA during their last days working on titles such as Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Ultima IX: Ascension. Soon afterward he published his own shareware game Shadow of the Lost Citadel.

Davidson spent the next twelve years working in motion pictures as a producer and director of films such as Sweatshop (trailer), as well as cinematographer, editor, sound designer and visual effects artist on over a dozen other films and music videos.

In 2012, Davidson returned to the field of game development, now bringing a love of cinema, storytelling and classic Hollywood effects techniques such as stop motion and miniature model photography. Currently he is designing the sci-fi point-and-click adventure game Jack Houston and the Necronauts which combines his love of the adventure genre, classic bubble helmets, rockets and ray guns science fiction and stop motion creatures as he takes his next logical step toward recapturing the glorious days when mysteries were solved and legends born one click at a time!

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