Official Updates For Jack Houston And The Necronauts
For a deeper look, see designer Stacy Davidson's .plan log

Fantasy Workshop – Episode 1 (2017 Edition)

In the re-launched 2017 edition of episode 1, we’re going to get a look at the workshop, tools and techniques used to create Jack Houston and the Necronauts, an adventure game that uses stop motion animated characters and creatures, and miniature model interiors all photographed and pieced together in digital matte paintings much the way optical effects were put together for classic sci-fi films.

The game is set in a hard boiled, 1940′s style world of bubble helmets, rockets and ray guns, with inspiration from the fantasy novel worlds of authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard.

An earlier version of this episode appeared shortly after the Jack Houston Kickstarter, but it is now presented in a shorter, tighter format with extra material showing even more of the modeling work and miniature photography results.

The Observatory – Issue #1

Presenting the first issue of The Observatory: Official Newsletter Of Warbird Games Development!

The Observer - Issue #1 on Patreon

This newsletter has been made possible by you guys, and I greatly appreciate it!

My original thinking was to create a simpler PDF update for higher tier patrons, but since there would be very few people currently eligible to receive it, I’ve decided to expand it a bit and make it available to everyone! I will be offering special consideration for the higher tiers, including offering a full page ad for some, which you can use to promote your own projects, or a project or cause that you would like to bring attention to. This will start with issue #2.

This newsletter is specifically a product of the Patreon page, and a way to show my appreciation to you all for helping me to keep things going smoothly. You have no idea how critical your continued support has been. It’s really saved me at key moments these last few months. Thank you all!

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Complete live sculpt of “Meg” from Jack Houston and the Necronauts

Watch me sculpt, from start to finish, the sculpture that will be molded to create the foam latex stop motion figure for Meg in Jack Houston and the Necronauts!

This took me over 40 hours of sculpting time, condensed here to 50 minutes. I’m using Chavant NSP Medium w/ 60w bulb to heat, canned air to cool. Armature is made of aluminum wire w/ steel wire wrap & plumbers putty.

Featuring the complete album “Mind Music Matter” by Ketsa

-Stacy Davidson

Jack Houston: Fall Update

The Workshop

It has been a long process to get completely moved to Oklahoma, settled in and back to normal, and the truth is I’m still not there 100%.  But soon I’ll be able to get back to the sculpting, building of the background scenes and modeling so that I can start producing more nifty stuff like this:

Rocketship Model

Rocketship Matte Pass

New Areas

First, check out the cockpit of Jack’s rocketship, the Kronos I (formerly the Bimini in the original teaser):

Rocketship "Bimini" Cockpit Screen

Next, feast your eyes on the foreboding entrance to an ancient jungle temple perched on a rocky hilltop that plays heavily into Jack’s adventure. Grab a torch and proceed with caution or you may be eaten by a grue…

Ancient Temple Gate

Among the systems I’ve been working on are a text parser computer access terminal in the style of “Mother” from Alien. Although you will notice that I have been sticking with the amber monochrome monitor theme consistently through out the game. It’s a less common look that I think is under used, and it matches Jack’s golden space suit, so it’s a win-win:

Alien-style text parser computer terminal 

The New Website

One of the features of the new site is a .plan section in the blog. That’s right, it’s a retro sci-fi game in a retro genre, so why not bring back the .plan? This is where you will be able to find my coding activity nearly daily (when I am coding), and I will be expanding it to include all my development activities soon, so that there are not gaps.

The really cool news is, I have actually been keeping this .plan log since last May! So you will be able to scroll way back and see a glimpse of my work for the last few months.

Video Updates

I am working on a new format for my behind the scenes show “Fantasy Workshop”, and once my actual workshop is up and running again here in Oklahoma, I will be able to continue with the livestreams and YouTube videos. In the mean time, here is a little preview of episode #2:

That’s it for now. Next, look for 1) an announcement that the game has reached the alpha stage, 2) livestream videos to start again, 3) semi-daily .plan blogs!

-Stacy Davidson