The Observatory – Issue #1

Presenting the first issue of The Observatory: Official Newsletter Of Warbird Games Development!

The Observer - Issue #1 on Patreon

This newsletter has been made possible by you guys, and I greatly appreciate it!

My original thinking was to create a simpler PDF update for higher tier patrons, but since there would be very few people currently eligible to receive it, I’ve decided to expand it a bit and make it available to everyone! I will be offering special consideration for the higher tiers, including offering a full page ad for some, which you can use to promote your own projects, or a project or cause that you would like to bring attention to. This will start with issue #2.

This newsletter is specifically a product of the Patreon page, and a way to show my appreciation to you all for helping me to keep things going smoothly. You have no idea how critical your continued support has been. It’s really saved me at key moments these last few months. Thank you all!

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Greetings from Stacy Davidson!

It’s me, Stacy Davidson! Designer Guy!

Greetings, lovers of adventure!

My name is Stacy Davidson, and I’m the founder and lead designer at Warbird Games.  I wanted to take a moment here to introduce myself before I get into what we’re up to here.

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