Jack Houston And The Necronauts

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Return To Classic Sci-Fi


A point & click adventure set in a world of bubble helmets, rockets and ray guns!

Jack Houston And The Necronauts makes you the star of a classic space adventure with physically modeled miniature environments and stop motion animated characters and creatures in the style of classic Ray Harryhausen films!

A bold, gritty hero for a hard-boiled sci-fi tale.

Take control of tough-as-nails test pilot Jack Houston as he explores the world of Venus after crash landing during the maiden voyage of the Kronos I rocket. To stay alive, you’ll have to combine survival skills with exploration and get creative using the environment around you. When you encounter the giant beasts who rule the alien jungle, you will have to think fast! If a quick blast from your ray gun doesn’t do the trick, you will need to rely on your wits.

Can you keep Jack Houston alive on a savage, alien planet and find a way to escape?

Coming Soon for PC & Linux

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The Storyline

In the year 1999, retired test pilot Jack Houston is recruited by the Venture Aeronautics and Space Transportation (VAST) corporation for one last mission: to pilot the first rocket to Venus. But when an accident occurs en route, Jack is forced to crash land in an alien ocean. When he awakens, the world he finds is one of ancient ruins, deadly flora, savage beasts and something far more strange: a host of sinister phantom astronauts who seem to haunt his every move!


  • Familiar verb-coin point-and-click adventure interface.
  • Realistic characters and creatures animated using classic stop motion techniques.
  • Miniature background sets augmented with computer generated lighting, parallaxing and particle effects.
  • Explore the depths of a classic alien jungle planet in the style of retro science fiction.
  • Interact with creatures and the environment to survive an alien world and solve the puzzles that will save Jack from certain peril.
  • Talk to characters and hack computer terminals to uncover the mystery behind Jack’s crash landing and the strangeness that has transpired since.


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