Jack Houston: Fall Update

The Workshop

It has been a long process to get completely moved to Oklahoma, settled in and back to normal, and the truth is I’m still not there 100%.  But soon I’ll be able to get back to the sculpting, building of the background scenes and modeling so that I can start producing more nifty stuff like this:

Rocketship Model

Rocketship Matte Pass

New Areas

First, check out the cockpit of Jack’s rocketship, the Kronos I (formerly the Bimini in the original teaser):

Rocketship "Bimini" Cockpit Screen

Next, feast your eyes on the foreboding entrance to an ancient jungle temple perched on a rocky hilltop that plays heavily into Jack’s adventure. Grab a torch and proceed with caution or you may be eaten by a grue…

Ancient Temple Gate

Among the systems I’ve been working on are a text parser computer access terminal in the style of “Mother” from Alien. Although you will notice that I have been sticking with the amber monochrome monitor theme consistently through out the game. It’s a less common look that I think is under used, and it matches Jack’s golden space suit, so it’s a win-win:

Alien-style text parser computer terminal 

The New Website

One of the features of the new site is a .plan section in the blog. That’s right, it’s a retro sci-fi game in a retro genre, so why not bring back the .plan? This is where you will be able to find my coding activity nearly daily (when I am coding), and I will be expanding it to include all my development activities soon, so that there are not gaps.

The really cool news is, I have actually been keeping this .plan log since last May! So you will be able to scroll way back and see a glimpse of my work for the last few months.

Video Updates

I am working on a new format for my behind the scenes show “Fantasy Workshop”, and once my actual workshop is up and running again here in Oklahoma, I will be able to continue with the livestreams and YouTube videos. In the mean time, here is a little preview of episode #2:

That’s it for now. Next, look for 1) an announcement that the game has reached the alpha stage, 2) livestream videos to start again, 3) semi-daily .plan blogs!

-Stacy Davidson